02Plan Rwanda promised to support the country in the education sector since it is one sector that can help the country develop.

This was said while in a one day conference on the 30/05/2013 in Gatsibo district where different heads of schools, students’ representatives, the district leadership and employees from the Plan Rwanda participated.

The different issues discussed were the children’s rights, education, building more classrooms in different schools especially in Rwimbogo sector and Murambi among others.

“Whatever we have done in this district, we believe it will be productive to many”, said the director of Plan Rwanda Gatsibo district Mediatrice Umpfuyisoni.

She advised people not to look only at Plan Rwanda for support, but them also to participate in the different activities that will lead to the country’s development.

Parent however raised concern of children with poor hygiene and nutrition calling on the organization to help them with such a problem.

Plan Rwanda promised to solve such problems for good during the 5 years’ plan it has.

Many more schools are to be built to prevent children from moving long distances which sometimes contribute to child abuse.

With all this therefore, the vice mayor in charge of social welfare Esperence Uwimpuhwe  thanked Plan Rwanda for all the development activities done in this district especially in the education sector.

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