m_Rilima sector gets clean water

Plastic water tanks to store water at Rilima secondary school

Students of Rilima secondary schools in Bugesera district have commended Water Breeze project for availing clean water when they could use water from Lake Kidogo.

Fetching from lakes was very dangerous as they could be exposed to crocodiles in those lakes, explains James Dukuze a student at Rilima secondary school.

“Most of us fetch from this lake nearby the school but there have been cases of crocodiles and hippos that harmed some,” he says.

Headed by Olgen Moiseev, Water Breeze project started in Rilima sector in Bugesera district to generate water for schools and residents from 145 metres deep to the plastic tanks using solar energy motors.

The mayor of Bugesera district, Louis Rwagaju explained that using Super Rock Drills system is expected to cost close to Rwf33 million.

m_Rilima sector gets clean water 2

Other tanks built outside the school premises

The mayor says: “strategies are being put in place so that development partners can distribute clean water to other districts.”

He adds that Super Rock Drills system will be the first of its kind in Rwanda and it can draw water from 1000 deep.



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