National Rural Water and Sanitation Programme [PNEAR] promoters in Rutsiro district advised people in this district with clean water to look after such activities well as if they were their own so they can last for long.

These promoters who are moving on in the different sector of the district with water channels made this call after finding out that such activities were not well known to the people which may contribute to their damage hence a need to educate them more about them.

PNEAR constructed 4 water channels in 6 sectors with one of Rusororo that goes through 3 cells in Msushubati sector which is 9km long

The residents however created a committee that will help them take care of the water activities better in every village where they also set time of fetching water both in the evening and in the morning.

“This is to help us protect water from being wasted”, said Jean Claude Nzabirinda in charge of the water channel in Rusororo.

He explained saying that people that maybe in need of water in other hours when the taps are not open should always consult people concerned who will help them get needed water.

With places that have not yet got clean water, Jacqueline Nyirabagurinzira in charge of social welfare of the people in Rutsiro promised to get it to them since more and more water channels were still being constructed by the Energy and water sanitation authority [EWSA] plus many other district partners.

PNEAR’S main aim is to supply clean water in the different sectors it works from and also educate people on different ways of taking care of the water activities acquired.





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