Red Cross administrators together with the members during the event

Red Cross administrators together with the members during the event

Former Red Cross beneficiaries on May12th 2013 handed goats to the 32 households of Bunyogombe cell, Ruhango sector in Ruhango district.

The former beneficiaries donated to other poor families in order to show Red Cross their role in striving for self-reliance and returning the favour through humanitarian deeds.

During the event, Gerald Nyagasaza like other beneficiaries said that goats will provide manure for their crops and yields increase in result.

In his speech, the executive secretary of Bunyogombe cell, Gerald Ndikumukiza commended different organizations such as Red Cross for improving residents’ standards of living.

The executive secretary asks all residents to help poor residents achieve social development.

Samson Nkiko, in charge of training in Red Cross Rwanda thanked former beneficiaries for the good act of giving livestock to their neighbors so that they develop.

Nkiko asserted: “We are not happy because we donated goats, we are happy because the beneficiaries have imitated our act and given the goats to their neighbors. This is a good culture that should be adopted by all Rwandans.”

Nkiko advised the beneficiaries to take good care of the goats and develop than waiting for more help.





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