Religious leaders were called upon by the Health Poverty Action [HPA] project to always educate their follower while in church about reproductive health and different ways of preventing HIV/AIDS.

This was a call made on the 30/04/2013 while in training that brought together different religious leaders, sex worker, youths, among others.

While addressing these people, Denyse Mukarukundo from the project said that if the religious leaders could spread such teachings, then AIDS spread will reduce since many people listen to them more than others

However, these leaders said that this was a good idea, giving out some challenge which could affect them and their leaders which is against God’s teaching which is use of condoms.

They however promised to form groups in their churches that will help them get such message to their followers, and also help them encourage parents to always talk to their children about reproductive health hence help them grow with such knowledge.

Sex workers in the training also promised to take this message to their fellow sex workers which will help prevent unwanted pregnancies and AIDS.

HPA project has so far trained many people about reproductive health, prevention of HIV/AIDS, and Family planning, which they believe is bringing in good benefits countrywide.






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