On this Sunday 19th.May.2013, the committee for Red Cross in Nyamagabe District celebrated the Red Cross Day that is usually celebrated each year on the 8th of May.

Red Cross in Nyamagabe district supports the needy and vulnerable, works for hygiene and sanitation, fights unhygienic and malnutrition related diseases and calls upon people to donate blood.


Red Cross giving out sewing machines

 Reverien Senani one of the youth that learnt technical schools through the support of Red Cross says Red Cross found him in a very poor state and taught him carpentry skills and now he owns livestock, he has built his house and even has some savings.

“I dropped out of Primary school due to lack of school fees. Later we were registered by Red Cross and got technical skills training. Red Cross continued to support us even after graduating. I have now achieved a lot through carpentry skills I acquired” he said.

Emile Byiringiro the vice mayor in Nyamagabe for social affairs said red cross plays a big role in the development of Rwandans through training them to work for their future just like it is the government’s  goal.

“Red cross is a partner that moves along Rwandan vision 2020 where it is expected that every Rwandan will be minimum making Rwf600.000 annually. For this to be achieved, we have to create jobs for everyone and ability to do so and no to rely on agriculture as the back bone of the economy” says the vice mayor.

Byiringiro went on to explain that the relationship between the district and the red cross will definitely lead to eradication poverty, increase employment opportunities and develop people’s social welfares.

Rwandans are required to become members of Red Cross to give it more strength to support those in need explains Dr Bernard Nzigiye the President of Red Cross Rwanda. “The Rwandans strength can promote red cross for it to supports all those in need. This would make Rwanda become self reliant instead of living off the foreign aid that cannot be relied on.”

This function coincided with the distribution of basic tools to the youth that are through with technical skills training. Nineteen (19) graduated in tailoring were given sewing machines, the 24 youth who graduated in construction, 3 in carpentry and 1 in mechanics were also given work related equipment.

The vice Mayor Emile Byiringiro asked the graduated youth to come together and form a cooperative, seek financial services from banks and work towards development. About 100 families were support with hygienic tools on this function.




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