Rwanda: Qatar Muslim community donates cows to the needy The government of Rwanda, through the Girinka program, has put in a lot of efforts in ensuring the Rwandans possess cows as a way of accessing milk for improved feeding habits, sources of income and manure for agricultural activities.

As part of their contribution to this program, a Qatar based organization- Islamic Call Organization has donated cows to 45 families under the association of Muslim widows (Good Widows) in the southern province of Rwanda, as a way of enabling the families to have good feeding and improved social welfare.

The organization also donated 100 cows last year to the same community and has been involved in programmes of improving the lives of various communities across the country, since its official government certification six months ago.

Sheikh Hamad Abdel Kader, the representative of Islamic Call Organization said that the organization choose to support the communities through the Girinka program, after accessing the efforts of the government of Rwanda in promoting social welfare of its citizens.

Sheikh Hamad Abdel Kader, stated that the organization will be committed to this programme to ensure that lives of Rwandans are transformed in all aspects of life.

One of the beneficiaries, Twagiramungu Yahaya, 53, hailed the organization saying that he has never owned an animal in his entire life. This is a new beginning for my life and I will now be able to earn a better living just like other Rwandans” he said.

The Girinka programme started in 2006 and was supposed to end in 2015, but it has been extended to 2017. The project is expected to benefit about 350,000 families in terms of improved household income and nutriution levels.

In another development, plans to import 500 exotic heifers from Holland worth Rwf1.1b are underway according to  Andrew Kagabo, the Girinka programme national co-ordinator, who also said that each heifer would cost $3,600 (about Rwf2.2m), which includes transport fees from Holland.

This move could double Rwanda’s milk production by the end of 2014 following government efforts to give farmers dairy cattle.




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