Students’ beneficiaries of MIGEPROF/SSF/HIV under the support of Global Fund that will not perform well above 60percent academically and 90percent in discipline will lose their scholarship and be given to students who have capability, good morals and knowledge to use it well.

Rutsiro: MIGEPROF/SSF/HIV warns beneficiary students over indisciplineThis warning was issued by Rutsiro district to students’ beneficiaries of this project as well as their schools and signed by the district mayor Mr. Gaspard Byukusenge. The announcement stated that students’ beneficiaries of MIGEPROF/SSF/HIV/Global fund project should not get involved in any other activity that is not part of the school arrangements but participate well academically.

Venuste Gasasira the worker of MIGEPROF/SSF/HIV in Rutsiro district held meetings with different groups of these students’ beneficiaries to review their performances in the first term of the academic year 2013 both academically and in discipline during the holidays.

One of the group meetings with the students from Mushubati, Gihango and Murunda sectors which was supposed to be attended by 238 students only 123 were in attendance. Among the 123, only 96 came with their performance reports and 27 said they left schools without the reports but this ruled to be an excuse not to show their reports because of poor performance.

Rutsiro: MIGEPROF/SSF/HIV warns beneficiary students over indiscipline

The announcement from MIGEPROF/SSF/HIV/Global fund project

The general performance of MIGEPROF/SSF/HIV/Global fund project beneficiaries for the first term showed only 10 students got between 80% -70%, 32 students got in 70%-60%, 44 students had 60% -50% and 10 students got below 50%.

Venuste Gasasira says MIGEPROF/SSF/HIV/Global fund project will not make a final decision considering the performance of students in the first term but the decision will made at the end of the academic year.

“Our intention is to inform our students beneficiaries to study harder and to know that people who need our support are many and we will be replacing those who do not perform to our expectations” says Gasasira.

MIGEPROF/SSF/HIV/Global fund project supports students in Senior 5 and 6 of secondary schools and students in technical schools. This project operates in all sectors of Rutsiro district and supports children from needy families and orphans.

The students’ beneficiaries of this project are given school fees, medical insurance with scholastic materials and school uniforms to the less fortunate. In this academic year 2013, this project supports 867 students in secondary schools and 117 in technical schools.







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