Members of the platform for civil societies on the National level met with different local leaders in different levels in Nyamata sector in Bugesera district to discuss the issues affecting the implementation of performing contracts of this sector.

Through different discussions that ensured between the Platform for civil society members and different local leaders, religious leaders, women and youth councils’ representatives concluded that unfarmed land in Nyamata sector is a limitation to Land Use Consolidation Program and its advantages.

   Local people in the discussion

Local people in the discussion

“Some of the owners of land in this sector do not join village discussions and goals to promote the selected crops program through Land Use Consolidation leaving lots of land unfarmed” explains Pierre Sekamana a resident of Nyamata sector.

These unfarmed lands have become untamed bushes providing hiding places for drug users and criminals and even wild animals that pose danger to people and their livestock.

“we are going to put emphasis on the issue of unfarmed lands for their owners to make use of them or lend it to people that can use them productively. Instead of making Land Use Consolidation as well as farming of one selected crop unsuccessful” explains Jacques Gashumba the executive e secretary of Nyamata sector.

Nyamata: Civil societies’ platform discusses performing contracts’ implementation

Some of the unfarmed land in Nyamata sector

Tatien Munyaneza a worker for platform for civil society says such discussion gives local people time to understand their role in the implementation of performing contracts.

“It is time to review hindrances to implementation of the performing contracts through local people. These discussions are also important because the resolutions held in them are easily put to work because both people and their leaders agree to them together.”

Such discussions have been given in Nyamasheke and Gisagara districts as well as Bugesera district in Rweru and Nyamata sectors and they will be given in all remaining districts.







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