Care International organization vowed to better their services and programs regarding the support of the 1994 genocide against Tutsis survivors. This Care International organization promised on Thursday the 11th.April.2013 during the visit to Murambi Memorial Site in Nyamagabe district.

Care International igiye kongeraCare International personnel during the visit to memorial site

Jeannette Nduwamariya the in charge of telecommunication services in Care International Rwanda said that visiting the Memorial Site makes their workers think thoroughly about the genocide that annihilated Tutsis and work towards developing its survivors towards self reliance.

Nduwamariya said “in our goals we are going to include special projects for genocide survivors towards their self reliance as this year’s theme states.”

Visiting Genocide Memorial Site is one of those projects as that reminds them of the history and making sure genocide does not happen again in Rwanda and striving to eradicate its ideologies.

“Visiting genocide memorial site holds a lesson to any kind of a person who visits. It takes you back to those days and makes one imagine the life of the person who was killed with a lot of humiliation” said Nduwamungu.

The Care International personnel first visited the history hall in the memorial site showing the colonial period to the 1st and 2nd republic of Rwanda with evidence of how genocide was prepared and executed and how it was stopped by RPF army.

Care International personnel visited rooms that contain bodies showing how genocide victims were killed through a lot of humiliation.

The workers of Care International paid respects to the victims of the 1994 genocide and laid wreaths of flowers to mass graves holding more than 18000 victims of the genocide.




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