m_Youths carryout communal work for two elderly womenTwo elderly women have thanked youths for the work done and the help they gave them of in a move to exercise self-reliance, as youths performed a communal work last week 12th/04/2013 in Burumba village, Barija sector, Nyagatare District.

m_Youths carryout communal work for two elderly women1This act involved students from CEP [Centre for Economic Performance], students from ADEPR,Mutara polytechnic, and students from Nyagatare Nursing and midwifery institute ,together with youths from Digital Opportunity Trust Rwanda [D.O.P]who repaired houses, built kitchens for these two vulnerable people.

“We are so grateful for the activities done which we could not do for ourselves”, said the two women”, Siteriya Mukankubana, and Pasikaziya Nyinawabo.

“I had a kitchen and toilet problem but because of the activities done by these youths, I now have properly constructed ones”, added on Mukankubana.

Chantal Tumukunde from D.O.T said that they got this idea as a way of using their energy and strength as youths to become more productive to the country.

Such energy and strength should be used to repair the nation added on the leaders from CEP Rwanda who added on saying that this will still prevent acts against humanity like the 1994 genocide against Tutsi.

Burumba village has many houses that need repair since most of them are getting old and therefore this is why Athanase Rumongi said that this problem was well known and as leaders they were trying hard to find solution to it.

The two women were also supported with food and trees were planted to help them fight the natural disasters like wind.

Government leadership therefore says that they value such good activities and will therefore continue helping vulnerable people across the country.



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