The community work that was counted worth Rwf510.000 was done by Muslims in building a house for a vulnerable genocide survivor in Matimba sector in Nyagatare district. This house will be completed before the completion of the commemoration period said the executive secretary of Matimba sector Sliver Kubwa Buboneka.

People having the work done

People having the work done

Abdullah Bampoyiki Gatete the Imam of Nyagatare district said this community work is one of their programs to support genocide survivors attain self reliance.

This community work was done by Muslims in Zone A that comprises of believers from Kagitumba, Nyabwishongwezi, Matimba, Ntoma and Kabeza mosques. The community work was done as a way of supporting genocide survivors to be self reliant especially in this commemoration period.

Imam Abdullah Bampoyiki Gatete said this community work is one of the many programs of the Muslim community to teach the Rwandans to love each other as well love their country.

Saidi Ngabonziza the beneficiary of this community work said he had no way of ever building himself a house. “I am grateful for this charity from the Muslims; I had no way or capacities to build myself a house if not for them.”

With the promise of iron sheets from AVEGA, Saidi needed more support to construct his house to the completion and this support came from the Muslims in zone A.

Saidi Ngabonziza who survived the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis resides in Ntoma village in Bwera cell matimba sector in Nyagatare district. He lost his parents to the genocide in Muhima Kigali and was saved by a Samaritan called Kasiyane Sabiti.

Constructing Ngabonziza’s house coincided with giving him an expectant goat to boast his social and economic life.

Silver Ruboneka appreciated the community work done by Muslims and promised to make sure this house is completed as soon as possible.




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