In the sensitization programs being carried out by MYIST (Ministry of Youth and Information Communication and technology) with the support of MIGEPROF (Ministry of Gender and Family promotion), the religious people in Ngororero district were asked to support the youth especially girls to prevent HIV/AIDS.

Most religious people usually dodge talking about sexual relations when talking with the youth instead of sensitizing the youth to avoid getting sexually involved and abuse as well as prevent HIV/AIDS.

Ngororero: religious people to join fight against HIV/AIDS among Youth

A Catholic nun receiving the donated books and pamphlets

According to students in religious schools, there are no notes or explications about prevention of HIV/AIDS in their libraries and even having a debate about sexual relationships is prohibited even discussing about a trivial thing like condom is not accepted at all.

Clothilde Nyiraneza the vice mayor for social affairs in Ngororero district calls upon religious people especially those with schools that bring together youth from different areas to always remember that AIDS is a scourge that is especially affecting youth especially girls.

The vice mayor Clothilde Nyiraneza on Thursday the 28th.March.2013 gave out books, magazines and pamphlets with information on and prevention HIV/AIDS to one of the  Catholic Religious Girls’ School in Matyazo sector in Ngororero district.

In this function, 206 students voluntarily tested for HIV/AIDS and they were given presentations on abuse, rape and defilement. The school administration promised the district their support in promoting their students’ knowledge in many aspects of life especially their social lives.




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