Kayonza: YCEG youth donates to poor genocide survivor

Members of YCEG (Youth Challenge Entertainment Group) have donated to Francoise Muhorakeye, a 1994 Tutsi genocide survivor in Kayonza district.

Youth Challenge Entertainment Group is made up of secondary students who planned to donate to Muhorakeye with the help of Kayonza youth centre administration.

The students contributed food, soap, cooking oil, toiletries in addition to building a toilet and a kraal for the cow given to her.

Sam Muhoozi, Head of YCEG reveals that youth had planned to visit and donate to the genocide survivors that were traumatized during the commemoration week.

However, the priority was given to Francoise Muhorakeye who lives alone with no people to visit.

Muhorakeye thanks the youth for the contribution saying it has refreshed her hope of living.

She again requested to be visited more often even if they don’t bring her anything because it makes genocide survivors feel they have people who care about them.

Kayonza: YCEG youth donates to poor genocide survivor

“I feel relieved for at least I have got who to tell my problems and they listen,” she confesses

Muhorakeye says that self-reliance is possible because she started it through joining the cooperative and working hard for the brighter future.

YCEG members meet the challenge of limited funds despite the fact that they are willing to help many needy people.

Jean Claude Mwiseneza, the coordinator of the youth centre in Kayonza district highlights that information is being gathered to advocate for financial support and help youth carry out different activities.




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