The NPD-COTRACO construction company provided with construction materials to the genocide survivors of Kaduha sector in Nyamagabe District.

This was during the visit of the 40 of NPD-COTRACO workers to genocide survivors on Friday the 12th.April.2013 with the aim to support them in their endeavors to reconstruct their ramshackle houses.

Genocide survivors receive construction materialsNPD-COTRACO workers visit genocide survivors

 The NPD-COTRACO workers first laid wreaths of flowers to general graves and paid respects to the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi victims at Kaduha Memorial Site. They then gave 50 sacks of cement and 20 containers of paint to genocide survivors to ease the reconstruction of their homes.

James Harera the human resource officer in NPD-COTRACO said that even if their company works for profits, they cannot forget the misery experienced by genocide survivors especially in this commemoration period.

“NPD-COTRACO is a Rwanda company that operates in Rwanda and well aware of the Rwandans history. In the profits we get, on our salaries we get paid, we decided to get something and come pay visit and support our fellow Rwandans with troubled past” said Harera.

Genocide survivors receive construction materials1The cements given for reconstruction of their houses by NPD-COTRACO

Houses built for genocide survivors in Kaduha sector in 1996 and 1997 are now in sorry states. “Out of 150 houses, 3 are in complete ruins, 21 houses of them were reconstructed on the support of the district and the remaining need immediate attention to be reconstructed” explained Jean d’Amour Mudateba the executive secretary of Kaduha sector.

Genocide survivors who were selected to get this kind of support say it showed love and unfailing support to them. “For a person who makes such a long journey to support us is a good step taken by Rwandans in rebuilding themselves and we are grateful” they said.



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