Women in the fight against malnutrition

Umushinga Women for Women project donated 50 goats to 25 poor women in Kabarondo sector in Kayonza district.

Beneficiaries were selected from women that portrayed good conduct throughout training by women to women project and each got two goats.

Dimitrie Nyirakayobe, one of the beneficiaries said they are ready to take good care of the goats and give kids to other poor women to fight malnutrition.

Women in the fight against malnutrition 2

“I am hopeful poverty will be eradicated because we shall get manure for increased crop yields and milk to use in the fight against malnutrition related diseases,” she narrates.

While some residents did not think goat milk is useful, Innocent Karuranga, goat farmer explained that goat’s milk is more nutritious than cow’s milk and used by malnourished and HIV patients.

Women in the fight against malnutrition 3

A well fed goat can produce between 4-5 litres of milk a day but milk quantity is reduced if it doesn’t get enough food, says Kururanga.

Country Director Women for Women, Antonina Kayitesi asked the beneficiaries to make use of the goats and improve their ways of living.

She added that besides goats, Women to women has educated women on saving, family planning and general hygiene all in the name of improving the health of rural women.

Kayitesi assured the beneficiaries that goats will be followed up and treated for six months before the beneficiaries take over responsibility.

Depending on different modes of transport, one goat from South Africa is worth Rwf400000 by the time it reaches in Rwanda, Karuranga reveals.




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