Handicap International has requested the Rwandan government as well as Rwandans in general to give more attention to handicapped people especially now that some of the organizations that support persons with disabilities are about to withdraw from providing their services.

This was announced by Handicap International after the training on sign languages to about 50 primary and secondary schools teachers in Muhanga, Gasabo, Kamonyi and Rutsiro Districts. 

Jacques Mugisha a worker for Handicap

Handicap International urges people to give more support to those with disabilities

About 50 teachers in signal language training

International says even though there are different organizations that take care of handicapped people, the government’s role in promoting the social welfare of the handicapped people is needed for only few are supported compared to the many.

“mostly in rural areas, there are children with disabilities as well as old people who are neglected by their families who have not yet understood that handicapped people have the same rights as normal people” says Mugisha.

The role of the government will be to identify the people with disabilities and who need the support even at the village levels a thing that is not possible for these organizations. Rwandans are also required to advocate for the people with disabilities especially in rural areas.

“It is important for people to know that organizations that support persons with disabilities especially the international one can terminate their operations at any given time. Contingencies should be put in place” reasons Mugisha.

Mugisha goes on to say that such program elected by the government are not supporting people with disabilities among which include Education for all which is now operating in all schools and all children have the same rights to education.

Programs like special needs education is also making it easy for children with special needs and disabilities to get access to education and their parents to take their children to schools.







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