Three groups of the vulnerable and poor people in Kibilizi sector in Gisagara district were given 9 cows by SINAPIS Project Rwanda with the sole objective of changing the social and economic situations of these people.


The 20 members of one of the 3 groups  in Kibilizi village called ‘Abisunganye ba Kibirizi’ as well as other group members of ‘Duterimbere Ruturo’ and ‘Abahujumurimo ba Muyira’ appreciated the cows they were given and are sure their lives will never be the same with these cows now.

Cows given to the poor

Cows given to the poor

“We are very glad and excited to the prospect of having a better future, a decent life thanks to the cows given to us today. The manure will boost our farming and milk will boost our health as well as economic situations. We hope to get to development like other Rwandans” explains Athanasie Kubwimana a member of the groups.


The coordinator of SINAPIS Rwanda Christine Kibiriti asked the members of the 3 groups who are 20 in each group to take good care of these cows by providing to them food and attending to them medically.

“It usually happens to give cows to a group of people and they pass the responsibility to each other and cows fail to fulfill their responsibilities too. You make sure you all take care of these cows responsibly because they belong to all of you” said Kibiriti.  

The management of Kibirizi sector promised continuous support to these 3 groups to avoid lack of responsibility among the members to the cows.

“Irresponsibility will not affect these cows because residents of this district understand the program of rearing cows in general kraals” explained Innocent Kimonyo the executive secretary of Kibirizi sector to SINAPIS Rwanda

Giving cows to the poor and vulnerable, SINAPIS Rwanda was supported by Global Fund. Out of 163 cows that were given to people in Kibirizi sector in Girinka program, 43 cows were given out by SINAPIS Rwanda.







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