The youth Association for Peace and Humanity (APH) in Gicumbi District is using their talents to collect money to support their fellow youth who dropped out of school due to lack of school fees.

 The young men and women in APH possess talents of singing and dancing and other entertainment talents that enable them to get some money in Gicumbi town.

Philbert Ndicunguye the coordinator of APH youth says the objective of coming together was to use their talents and support the orphans with no support and esp

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APH youth

ecially who live on their own, school dropouts and very poor families in this area.

“We have collected Rwf50.000 and we hope to get more in the next weekend and then we will support the children we selected in Gicumbi district by sending them back to school” says the coordinator of APH.

Ndicunguye goes on to say that APH have already supported some students through secondary schools. APH has many other good projects like fighting drugs trade and usage, making known the culture of humanity, love and peace in the people and fighting against HIV/AIDS in the youth.

Ndicunguye says that the youth APH supports usually join this association, get means to support themselves and also think of supporting others as APH members.







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