Residents of Gatsibo District are being argued to start on the little financial situations to develop themselves; the District Mayor Ambrose Ruboneza has called.

The mayor was in Rugarama, Rwimbogo and Kageyo sector on Wednesday the 27th.March.2013 in the function to support the poor worth Rwf6 million from World Vision organization.

The financial support given to the poor included 600 iron sheets given to the homeless and people with disabilities and presents to the 100 girls who performed well in Primary and Secondary Examinations of 2012.

Gatsibo: World Vision supports homeless, disabled

Mayor Ambrose Ruboneza

People who managed to use the little support given to them by World Vision and developed themselves were given time to testify about their journeys to development.

Esther Mujawayezu a widow with 5 children is one of those people who attained development with the little support they had. She started with Rwf20.000 but now owns a house, her children are having good education and owns 2 cows.

Nadia Uwase who is in charge of development projects in World Vision in Gatsibo district says, “We encourage people to save with a goal and to know that a rich person is not the one with a lot of possessions but the one who consumes the little of what he/she makes.”

Depending on the operations of World Vision and its teachings to its beneficiaries, the mayor of Gatsibo district appreciated the support this organization gives to the people especially in promoting their social welfare, habitation programs and supporting the education of the poor.




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