The three groups of the vulnerable group of people in Kageyo sector in Gatsibo district were given 12 cows by the Rural Sector Support Project (RSSP) under the support of World Bank.

These cows were given in the promotion of Girinka program with the main purpose of changing the social; welfare of the people receiving them and help them get to development.

RSSP give cows to theThe function to receive the 12 cows from RSSP was on Friday the 29th.March.2013 held in Bwiza village in Kageyo sector.

With much excitement at the prospect for the better future after getting the cows, the poor residents appreciated president of the Republic of Rwanda Paul Kagame for initiating Girinka program that plans to have every Rwandan own a cow.

Christine Karita the executive secretary of RSSP project asked people who received the cows to take good care of them and achieve their goals together as team members since these cows will be reared in general kraals of their groups.

“Development has also come for us where we have been in loneliness and absolute poverty. I am so grateful to the president of Rwanda and our leaders for thinking about us the local people and give us development” said Mukamana the representative of the groups that received the cows.

The group members were argued to take good care of these cows on the daily basis because any careless mistake would result into the death of cows which is tragic. They were also asked to also inform the sector’s veterinary doctor in case of any irregular case.






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