m_Kiziguro Catholic Church victims remembered every April 11thKiziguro catholic church in Gatsibo district

While genocide commemoration starts in April 7th every year in Rwanda, Gatsibo district remembers the victims of 1994 Tutsi genocide that were killed at Kiziguro Catholic Church.

Normally, the commemoration night happens on April 10th every year before the bodies of genocide victims are buried in Gatsibo district.

On April 10th 2013, the event to honour the genocide victims started off with church mass to pray for them.

In his key note, Senator Tito Rutaremara reminded the participants that genocide is history to be remembered always as they help the survivors.

m_Kiziguro Catholic Church victims remembered every April 11th1Senator Tito Rutaremara and Ambroise Ruboneza, mayor of Gatsibo district

Between 4000 and 5000 Tutsis including children, girls, boys, men and women and the old women and men were killed at Kiziguro catholic church in April 1994 genocide.

m_Kiziguro Catholic Church victims remembered every April 11th2Before laying the bodies of genocide victims, people present took a minute to remember them

The mayor of Gatsibo district, Ambroise Ruboneza asserted that authorities will not keep quiet to those with genocide ideologies saying “We request residents to cooperate with local authorities and report every resident that tries to under estimate genocide.”

During this event, songs and poems fighting against genocide and its ideologies were said.



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