Gervais Gasasira, Director of PAPSTA

After operating for seven years promoting residents development in Gakenke district, PAPSTA Project has ended its activities after donating to 560 homes among others.

PAPSTA is a project (under the ministry of agriculture) created to implement the sectorial activities of the Strategic Document of Poverty Reduction (DSRP) in the domain of Agriculture.

On April 16th 2013 during the event to officially close the PAPSTA Project, Deo Nzamwita, mayor of Gakenke district commended PAPSTA for the role in training farmers and promoting agricultural cooperatives.

PAPSTA changed the mindset of the residents concerning modern agriculture, a thing that has increased yields, adds Gasasira.

One of the farmers says : “We could get low yields from a hectare of maize but today, u can buy a cow after selling a hectare of maize.”

PAPSTA Project cleared and drained swamps and prevented soil erosion through creating terraces on two hills as Gasasira explains.

According to the research carried out by PAPSTA workers, residents get three meals a day and some of them earn between Rwf2 million and Rwf3 million from agricultural products every year.

PAPSTA has been working in 8 sectors of Gakenke district ; Mugunga, Janja, Gakenke, Minazi, Rusasa, Mataba, Gashenyi and Rushashi.




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