Religious leaders should take the first opportunity to teach the electoral culture to their congregation says Sylvester Mutabaruka the coordinator of National Electoral Commission in Rusizi and Nyamasheke district in one day training with religious leaders.

religious leaders to uphold elections culture in their congregations

The training that was prepared by NEC on 21st.March.2013 was meant to prepare for the Members of Parliament Elections set for 16th- 19th.Sept.2013.

Among the many subjects that were discussed in this training included the role of religions in the implementation and smooth running of the elections. Elections were explained as a way to rebuild the country and upholding the citizens’ dignity explained Pastor Zabroni Musabyimana.

Religious leaders in the training promised to teach their followers the right way of electing their leaders according to their faith as even the Bible points out that countrymen have to elect their leaders.

The main hindrance to elections is some of religious fanatics, who do not feel the need to elect their leaders especially in Jehovah Witnesses and the sect that came from the 7th Day Adventists locally known as Abakusi who still need much convincing to participate in National politics.

Esperance Nirere a 22 year old Jehovah witness says that everyone believes in his/her faith as well as in elections but participating in elections usually makes them get involved in politics which is not part of their faith. Up today, she has never participated in elections even once.

Sylvester Mutabaruka the coordinator of NEC in Rusizi and Nyamasheke districts says NEC trained religious leaders because religions are forums that connect many Rwandans. Religious leaders are able to connect and pass information easily to their congregations who in turn listen and act as taught.






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