ADAP donates to vulnerable residents’ associations

Agro Pastoral Development Association (ADAP) on March 15th 2013 donated 48 cows to the associations of vulnerable residents in Rulindo district as a way of promoting Girinka Munyarwanda program.

Apart from cows, Agro Pastoral Development Association (ADAP) helps in paying school fees for the children from poor families.

Isaac Irakiza, Head of ADAP at national level told the beneficiaries to make good use of this opportunity towards social development.

“This is a symbol of love the government has for you residents. Whoever gives you a cow must love you and wishes you sustainable development. You will increase crop yields due to manure from cows and fight malnutrition by drinking milk,” he narrates.

On the side of beneficiaries, they expressed joy saying they will give off springs to other residents in order to eradicate poverty since most of them have never had livestock before.

Marie Louise Ngwinondebe, a resident of Mukoto cell, Bushoki sector in Rulindo district told the reporter that it’s her first time to keep a cow though she does piggery.

She adds “The moment I saw the cow I felt rich. I have been practicing piggery but now I will get milk for the whole family, manure for the crops.”

The vice-mayor for economic affairs in Rulindo district, Prosper Murindwa told the beneficiaries that they have been given factories because one cow can lead to factory setting up when taken good care of.

1116 cows have been donated in Rulindo district while the district pledged to donate 200 cows in 2013.




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