“Be hilarious, exemplary to girls and Rwandans in general ”, twenty six girls who excelled in primary examinations and two best girls in secondary education examinations were advised.

This was said during the event to reward the best female pupils and students by Imbuto Foundation in Ngororero, Rutsiro and Karongi districts.

Mrs. Liliane Igihozo, Vice rector of School of Finance and Banking (SFB) Mburabuturo, thanked the girls and encouraged them to be confident like their brothers since they are all equal.

During the event, parents, teachers, boys and boys were given an opportunity to explain why female children perform poorly in schools. One of the reasons given is that girls focus much on boys who lie to them than concentrating on studies.

Imbuto Foundation rewards best female pupils, students

Theresie Tuyizere, who scored 18 out of 20marks, commended Jeannette Kagame for her special attention to the girl child saying she will always sensitize fellow girls to avoid temptations and concentrate on studies for brighter future.

The guest of honour at the function, Minister of state in charge of Energy and Water Emma Isumbingabo, urged parents to set up ‘family evening’ program where they can meet and educate children on adolescence stage.

Speaking on the same event, Minister Isumbingabo asked all administrative levels to fight against girl child violence.

Imbuto Foundation rewards best female pupils, students 2

Right: Beata Mukundufite, one of the guardian angels that received a certificate, medal and a cow for raising an orphaned child

Also, parents who raised orphan children were given a certificate, a medal and a cow each as a token of appreciation for the good work.

Beata Mukundufite, one of the Six Guardian angels rewarded for taking care of the orphan child that is in school now urged parents to treat all children as their own.




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