Volunteers in charge of children with new mobile phones

Volunteers in charge of children with new mobile phones

World Vision in Kiramuruzi sector Gatsibo district has facilitated its 50 volunteers with mobile telephones worth Rwf12.500 each to help them in daily work.   

The event was held at World Vision offices in kiramuruzi sector in Gatsibo district on February 26th 2013.

Uwase Nadia, in charge of projects funded by World Vision in Gatsibo district asserts that mobile telephones will help volunteers in daily activities.

“Mobile telephones will ease communication between world vision staff and volunteers. It has been inconveniencing when we could not talk to the volunteers yet in need of urgent reports from them,” she adds.

Uwase explains that volunteers act as an eye for World Vision because they inform them about the needy children that urgently need help before World vision responds.

Liberata Mukamutesi from Nyabisindu cell in Kiramuruzi sector told the reporter that information will reach World vision easily and on time with the help of the cell phones they are given.

World vision supports Gatsibo district in many projects with emphasis on child education and children’s welfare.





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