Gakenke:  World vision celebrates numerous achievements

One of the health centres built by World vision in Sereri cell, Kivuruga sector in Gakenke district

World Vision Area Development Programs in Nyarutovu has revealed their activities that uplifted the standards of living of the residents in Gakenke district.

In education sector, World vision has built 35 classrooms, 50 school toilets and helped up to 4000 students with school fees, clothes and books.

In addition, secondary school leavers were helped to enroll in technical schools to learn skills and create jobs and get money for daily upkeep.

In agriculture, World vision donated up to 3900 livestock to residents in Gakenke, Nemba and Karambo sectors in the period of eight years it has worked in this place.

Apart from livestock that gives residents manure, World vision gave farmers factory made fertilizers and growing seeds as a way of improving crop productivity.

In health sector, world vision built two health centres in Kivuruga sector and paid medical insurance (mutuelle de sante) for over 4000 school children in Gakenke district.

After 8 years of improving residents standards of living, world vision plans to wind up its activities in 2023 (ten years to come).




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