Akilah joins women’s day celebration in Kibagabaga

Akilah Institute for women in Kibagabaga Gasabo District joined mothers at Kibagabaga  hospital to celebrate the International women’s day that took place 8th March 2013 last week

Before joining them, students from this institute took a walk that was aimed at encouraging women across the country to have hope of doing everything they want without anything holding them back.

Students from Akilah institute taking walking to Kibagabaga hospital

The students and the institute’s leadership were later escorted by the vice president of Senate Jean d’Arc Gakuba to bring the different equipment to be used during the days they will spend at the hospital.

Gakuba told the women who produced from this hospital that this was their village and therefore this is why they visited them from there to show them a woman of dignity.

He called on them to take the example of students from Akilah and be able to educate their children about growing up with such a culture of working with others to achieve development.

Akilah joins women’s day celebration in Kibagabaga The director of Akilah giving juice to a new mother in the hospital

The director of Kibagabaga hospital Dr.Jean Baptiste Muvunyi said that they were so grateful for the visit from Akilah saying that this gives hope to the mothers in the hospital.

About 40 mothers got different items which included porridge flour, milk, water, juice among others items.

The director of Akilah Mutoni Kayihura said that this school having girl students only helps these students build hope and therefore get out of the school knowing what to do to help them develop.




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