The Presbyterian Church of Rwanda (EPR) made a project of giving pigs to orphans in Sure Parish in Mushubati sector Rutsiro District as a way of supporting the orphans development.

EPR built a general kraal, bought pigs for the orphans in this parish after their project was approved and funded their partners in Germany.

About 45 orphans inclusive of both primary and secondary schools and even the non school goers were selected to be supported by this project.

EPR church supports poor orphans

Frida Mukandekezi taking care of the pig


The objectives of this project, they intend these pigs to reproduce and each piglet be given to an individual orphan to rear it in his/her home, make use of it and get out of poverty.

This project which started with the intention of making the beneficiary orphans take care of the pigs but with most of them in schools, other Christians in the church were put in charge of the pigs.

Each Christian who agreed to be in charge of this project picked a pig to feed and care for it and make it reproduce under favourable circumstances for the parish to achieve its objectives of making all orphans who live on their own get out of poverty.

Some of these Christians decided to take care of the pigs in the general kraal and others took the pigs in their own homes however, these pigs did not thrive as expected, some died and others did not reproduce enough piglets especially due to lack of experience in pig farming among the people in this parish.

Frida Mukandekezi a Christian who takes care of one pig says lack of expected production was due to lack of enough food for the pigs. “If you feed your family by buying food, you cannot have leftovers for the pig.”

With time, people are getting knowledgeable about pig farming and some of the pigs are thriving and reproducing and apparently, EPR church in Sure parish will achieve its goals.





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