Children stunted growth is mainly caused by poor nutrition especially due to poverty. This is an issue affecting many families in the villages of Rwanda also evident in Rusizi district at which FH+360/ROADS project that fights poor nutrition among children is set to eradicate that issue.

Rukabu Kamali the director of FH+360/ROADS a project that fights against poor nutrition in women and children says according to the research they did, children’s health is greatly affected between 6 and 23 months when they are not feed with nutritious and enough food leading to stunted growth.


FH+360/ROADS  project and the District officials

FH+360/ROADS project and the District officials

Children in this age brackets need nutritious food as well as breast milk to help develop all their body parts and when this is not done, their growth is affected. FH+360/ROADS project decided to invest about $3000 for the growth of children in Rusizi district.

Among the many plans of this project to achieve its goals include supporting farming of yellow sweet potatoes, teaching parents how to prepare nutritious porridge for their children, encouraging them to participate in livestock and others.

Apart from FH+360/ROADS project joining Rusizi district to eradicate poor nutrition among children and women, the district recently made a performing contract to achieve the same goal says Francoise Nirere the vice mayor for social affairs for the district.

Rusizi district is still has many children affected by malnutrition, kwashiorkor and many are stunted and one cannot tell their age by looking at their bodies.






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