Residents who were given goats for milk and decided to give back by giving their goats’ offspring to their neighbors have been given certificates of appreciation.


HEIFER International had given goats for milk to the 35 farmers in Rukira and Murama sectors in Ngoma District.

farmers given certificates of appreciation

Some of farmers receiving certificates of appreciation


People in this sector could not at first comprehend drinking goats’ milk when the goats were given out but after tasting the milk and understanding their value, they paid back their appreciation by giving the young ones of their goats to their neighbours.


Among the importance of these goats milk is the strength gained by the people who take it especially AIDS patients and children and besides the offspring of these goats are quite expensive compared to other goats.


Xaverine Uwimana who represented HEIFER International asked farmers who were given goats to take extra care of them for they will be of much importance than they expected and that will be if they avoid selling them.


“Some of you have already started selling them and make sure that should never be. These goats have an important secret and those who know it will do anything to buy them, so be careful and take care of them.”


One goat can provide about 4 to 6 liters of very nutritious milk, they are modern goats got from South Africa and one goat is worth Rwf400.000.  35 goats were given out and those who gave them out were given certificates of appreciation by HEIFER International.


Francis Bushayija the executive secretary of Murama sector asked the residents to be grateful for what they have and take care of it.





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