Religious leaders to raise funds for Health

Father Jean Paul Rutakisha

 The district of Karongi took on different strategies of contributing to the health insurance that will help the vulnerable people also be able to contribute to the service; hence help the district participate at 100percent.

In the financial year’s budget of 2012/2013, Karongi is preparing to celebrate 5years as the best contributing District to health insurance at a 96percent, and aims at reaching 100percent.

“The different strategies developed include working with the different district partners including the religious leaders so as to be able to raise money, and help the people who are not able to contribute to the insurance”, said the mayor of the District, Bernard Kayumba.

With this, the district employees gave in 1/10 of their February salary that will go to this cause hence help the district rise to a 100percent.

For the religious leaders, they came up with an idea of collecting a special offering from Christians that will all go to the metuelle, which will bring the district to a 4% left to make a 100percent as desired.

The mayor therefore thanked these leaders for their support since this will help the district a lot in meeting its target.

Father Jean Paul Rutakisha said they were going to make sure they encourage the Christians to contribute to the metuelle, emphasizing that he believed they could make this come.

The mayor concluded thanking the residents of Karongi for the support the always offer to such causes, adding on that it was not because they had a lot of money, but because they always want to find solutions to their problems.




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