od Neighbors donates to 40 disaster victims

Good neighbours on February 12th 2013 donated iron sheets to 40 residents of Kagina cell, Runda sector in Kamonyi district.

This comes as a result of the rain that destroyed people’s houses between October and November 2012 in Kagina cell in Runda sector.

As the number of the victim households read 50, a few of them were able to roof their houses while many others couldn’t because they are poor.

The executive secretary of Runda sector Christine Nyirandayisabye, says that good neighbours helped them in providing iron sheets for the victims of heavy wind that blew off the roofs away and left many houses down to the ground.

Marie Goretti, one of the forty beneficiaries thanks Good neighbours for the support because she was in the open house without roof.

She commends the sector administration and Good Neighbors association saying these acts is a good sign of good governance that goes to the lower levels to solve residents’ problems.

However, though residents got iron sheets, some of them need extra help because their houses were completely destroyed and need rebuilding.

The executive secretary explains that community work will be used to build for these victims where the sector administration will provide doors.

A good neighbour is an international organization doing disaster relief work and supporting poor children education in Rwanda.




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