The forum for religious people in their various respective churches of Gatsibo District can eradicate drug use among the people if they heed the word of God and follow it accordingly. This was said in the function to initiate the eradication of drugs in Rwanda on Thursday the 21st.Feb.2013 in Kiramuruzi sector. 

The mayor of Gatsibo district Ambroise Ruboneza in his speech of the day reminded religious leaders and local people who were in attendance that they should fight against drugs with all they can since they are the main cause of the insecurities in the district.

Gatsibo: religions in the war against drugs

Ambrose Ruboneza the mayor of Gatsibo District

“Our security is threatened by drugs and we as the residents of the district we have a responsibility to maintain its security so we have to fight drugs.”

Ruboneza thanked the forum for religious leaders for owning the problem of drug use among the people and for supporting the district in this fight of drugs through preaching the word of God to their congregation.

Superintendent Rubamba the Rwandan National Police commandant in Gatsibo district asked people to respect and continue participating in Ijisho ry’umuturanyi program that would reduce violent crimes especially done under the influence of drugs.

Emmanuel Noheli a resident of Kiramuruzi sector and a recovered drug addict says he was able to get off drugs with the help of church leaders and believing in the word of God gave him strength to fight the argue to use drugs again.

Emmanuel says ever since he stopped using drugs, his family is doing well socially and is developing, things he could not have achieved as an addict since he could not even provide for his family but instead used all the money to have drugs.

Gatsibo district is usually affected by drugs especially the local brew Kanyanga, Chief Waragi from Uganda and heroin. These drugs are usually got from Uganda or Tanzania, the neighbouring countries.







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