Pentecostal Church puts focus on skills development

Religious leaders of the Pentecostal Church of Rwanda (ADEPR) in Kabuga region have said that the church will put its focus on promotion of skilled education besides the adult alphabetization education program.

The revelation was made by Thadee Cyiza, the Pastor of Kabuga ADEPR church during the graduation of 40 students, including 29 girls and 21 boys, in various skills including- hotelier, catering, tailoring.

The students received certificates of merit on the graduation day held at the church premises. The group spent one year of intensive training and most of them (80%) have secured jobs in the course.

“The church is committed to improving the lives of the families through skills development and literacy programs,” said Pastor Cyiza.

He encouraged more Christians to enroll in the program.

The has The adult literacy programs run by ADEPR emerged in 2012 among the best community education programs in Africa and was rewarded by the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO).

The ADEPR church spokesman Jean Sibomana, says that the achievements made by the church has been attributed to the commitment of Christians who have taken the church programs seriously and have benefited tremendously in the long run.

This improvement in the activities run by ADEPR church in Rwanda has also been attributed to the change in leadership, which happened this year after many years of the community being torn apart by internal administrative wrangles.







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