Musanze “A dumb can train normal

Francis Xavier Karangwa, coordinator of UPHLS

People living with disabilities are capable of teaching many things to normal people, Francis Xavier Karangwa; Coordinator of UPHLS (the umbrella of people with disabilities in the fight against HIV and AIDS in Rwanda) has remarked.

Karangwa revealed this on January 8th 2013 during the training for health workers on how to improve service delivery towards the disabled in health centres and hospitals in Musanze district.

For instance a dumb has a brilliant mind, when taught well he or she can teach, explains Karangwa.

“However, it cannot be done without the help of a sign language mediator to explain to the students,” he adds.

Karangwa notes that there are some computer programs designed for people with different disabilities to help them type presentations, use internet and many others.

Karangwa gives an example of renowned important disabled people in Rwanda and outside the world who have become of great importance to their societies.

“Leonidas Ndayisaba is one blind experienced journalist,” he expresses.




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