The Young Woman Christian Association (YMCA) in Muhanga district is supporting young boys to become responsible adults who will work for the better country.

YMCA trains young boys on social responsibility

Ms. Pedacienne Uzamukunda the executive secretary of YMCA says that usually this association supports and guides young girls to be better adults by training them about avoiding temptations and how to develop themselves.

This association was asked by parents in the district to provide the same lessons to boys who are faced with the same problems and temptations which limit them to attain their development and that of the country in general.

Uzamukunda explained that young boys are usually affected with drug abuse, imitating foreign ways which are not good especially in dressing which limit a child’s development but with these lessons, they are sure these boys will become responsible and active adults.

Boys who are being trained admit having gained a lot through this training as they used to imitate some of the things without realizing they will affect their lives but now they are going to change for the better and uphold their culture.




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