The world vision organization has been applauded following the Rwanda’s Health Ministry acknowledgement that the organization has conducted many projects for health beneficiaries compared to many other health related organizations.

MINISANTE commends World Vision for its good work

As Alphonsine Mukamunana who is in charge of health on environment in MINISANTE said, this organization vowed to support people in the fight against the scourges that can be prevented and also in hygiene and sanitation according to the government programs.

Mukamunana said that a few of the partners in development organizations can only invest in such projects which do not show the benefits sooner. According to Russell Dlamini the acting director of World Vision, this organization is thorough in its operations and it gets down to the villages and attends to all needs of their beneficiaries.

For them to reach to the core of every village and attend to all people, they use the help of health advisors and those in charge of social affairs of the people who in turn attend to people they live with everyday.

Dlamini explained that they do project hoping to get positive results after about 2 or 3 years. World Vision organization works on a permanent basis in 15 districts and temporarily in the remaining districts of t Rwanda.






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