Training for Anti-drugs committees that was held in Kirehe district on 11 January 2013 has strengthened members in continuing the struggle against marijuana and other common drugs in the area.

The participants were reminded the harmful effects of drugs especially marijuana that’s common in Kirehe sectors that neighbor Tanzania.

The executive secretary of Kirehe district, Eric Zikama told the participants to join efforts with Anti-drugs committees and fight drugs that destroy the future of many youth.

Bishop Alexis Birindabagabo, of EER Anglican Diocese Gahini, President of The council of protestant churches in Rwanda and acting president of drugs eradication council says that religious leaders have joined higher authorities in the match to eradicate drugs unlike before.

During the training, it was decided that drug users and distributors will be listed down according to the sectors so that effective measures are taken with the help of the district administration and sector leaders.

In Rwanda, research shows that drugs have become an epidemic especially among the young, youth and the old.

Drug use leads to death, permanent disability, insecurity in the society, poverty in the homes, dropping out of schools, prostitution and AIDS and others.

As one way of eradicating drugs, community policing program was started in Kirehe district.

The training attracted Defense and Police officials, different local leaders including those in charge of social affairs in all sectors of Kirehe district.





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