Nyamagabe district in students’ community service

Eric Uwimana, officer in charge of the training in Nyamagabe


Secondary school leavers, academic year 2012 have joined National Community Service commenced on 17 January 2013, According to Eric Uwimana, the Nyamagabe district officer in charge of the operations of the Civic Education training, (Ingando)



He explained that the executive secretaries of all sectors in Nyamagabe district have already met with the Intore who concluded the Civic training who will be joining the National Community Service and who will be doing different services, their parents and former Intore with the intention of explaining the objectives of this intake which will be implementing the performance contracts they vowed to achieve during the Civic training towards the end of 2012.

Nyamagabe district in students’ community service2

District officials during the meeting



The services that the Intore will be rendering are what they vowed to achieve including sensitizing people on different programs about better social welfare and development of the people by moving to each family thoroughly and also physical work where it will be required.



“What will be done first is what they vowed to achieve in front of others like sensitizing people on the dangers of HIV/AIDS, encouraging people to join the medical insurance, on investment and developing people’s confidence and independence. They will also engage in development of the cells they live in and the country in general” says Uwimana.

Uwimana went on to ask all Intore members to participate in the community service in implementing their vows and also their parents to let their children time off to participate in what they volunteered to do.

In the meeting that brought together the district leaders, the executive secretaries of all sectors and other parties concerned with the Community Service in Nyamagabe district on Tuesday the 15th.Jan.2013, it was agreed upon that all concerned levels will follow on the operations of the community service and there will be every sector’s official to participate and give a detailed report on a daily basis.

These Intore will be meeting on the cell’s offices every morning and divide among themselves where and what to work on and on Friday they will be working together in a sector and take time to evaluate their weekly work and plan for the following week.

The mayor of Nyamagabe district Philbert Mugisha reminded people who were in this meeting that this National Community Service will be operating for the first time in the district so every one’s contribution towards the successful operations and an example top others that will come after would be appreciated.







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