Married couples should take time to reminiscent about the time together as couples and review their marriages, according to the management of Emmanuel Community in Gitarama Parish.

Emmanuel Community urges couples to seek counseling annually

Teachings in progress


This community provides the teachings called ‘Love and the Truth’ to married couples at the beginning of every year for 6 days precisely 3 weekends in the row.

Some of the couples who had attended the teachings for the last year and were present for this year’s teachings which started on the 26th.Jan.2013 said the teachings helped them value their spouses and their children more.

These teachings are provided by different informed people on the subject who are invited by the Emmanuel Community. The teachings on the Saturday were given by Francois Ngarambe who is popular for his song “Umwana ni umutware” in the company of his wife.

Emmanuel Community urges couples to seek counseling annually2

Everyday has its theme


The special, new thing in this years teaching was the fact that widows and single mothers were also invited for the teachings but had their own class and even people planning to get married attended the teachings.

These teachings are and can be attended by any one in parishes of Kabgayi Diocese of which Gitarama parish is part of as well as other diocese who are interested in the teachings provided only in Gitarama.





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