Rwa152 project which is locally known as ‘Umuganda’ operating in the Independent Methodist Church of Rwanda in Kamembe Parish which is under the guardianship of Compassion International made a Christmas party to the children they support.

The 313 children who are under the care of this project were given food and drinks and new clothes for Christmas celebrations.

Rwa152 project celebrate Christmas for Children beneficiaries

Though Christmas is celebrated on the 25th.Dec of each year, Rwa152 project deemed it necessary for these children to get enough time to celebrate without interference of old people.

Elie Rwagasore the director of Rwa152 project says that they celebrate this festive season with much vigor thanking God for the year that is ending and seeking blessings for the New Year.

Reverend Pastor Reya Yankurije the senior pastor of the Methodist church told the celebrating children to thank God for this period and to grow up into God fearing citizens appreciated by both people and God.

Philomene Mukakarangwa who represented parents of these children in this function said such celebration is of much importance to their children who get to come together and learn things that will make their future better.

Rwa152 project celebrate Christmas for Children beneficiariesh

Rwa152 project supports 313 children and in four spheres of life which are saving a child’s soul, education, economic and social relationship and health.  Since they were celebrating Christmas, it is under saving a child soul sphere.




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