Huye Social centre donates

On December 17th 2012, Igiti cy’ubugingo centre donated 72 cows to the people living with HIV/AIDS and other vulnerable residents in Ngoma, Huye, Tumba and Mukura sectors.

Three cows were given to six associations chosen from the four sectors, whereby every association has 20 members.

The Director of igiti cy’ubugingo centre, Sister Ancilla says: “What we need is that these associations become cooperatives that are beneficial to their members.”

In addition to cows, three associations from each sector were given Rwf5.2 Million contribution through the sector administration to execute the poverty fighting projects.

Innocent Musoni, a beneficiary member of Abizeranye association says “20 people cannot fail to take care of three cows. We will establish a policy and whoever goes against it will be punishable by the law.”

“Associations in Nyaruguru district sell manure from the cows we donated to them and solve their financial problems. There is no doubt these beneficiaries will develop socially and economically if they co-operate,” says Sister Ancilla.

No resident gets a cow and remains poor

The vice-mayor for economic affairs in Huye district, Cyprien Mutwarasibo urged beneficiaries to work hard and wave good bye to poverty since they are in second phase in Ubudehe program.

“You will get manure and milk from these cows. Use manure to increase crop productivity and fight poverty. No one owns a cow and remains poor, next year you will be able to pay for mutual health insurance,” he stresses.

Igiti cy’ubugingo centre helps traumatized and desperate women, sensitize residents on AIDS prevention and helps couples to unite and live in harmony.  




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