Ngoma Methodist parish builds playground for children

Children from Ngoma Methodist church and around got a playground which was opened on the 20/12/2012

This playground can be used for basketball, volley ball with 3 swinging machine all for children to play from.

This was built by this church from the Rwf 156 project of Compassion International from which playgrounds were to be constructed with about Rwf 8million.

Opening these playgrounds was also done in an aim to thank compassion for their support to 292 children, and their parents of the medical insurance through this parish.

Again it was a day of thanksgiving for the elderly women who secured houses, and the Rwf3million that compassion donated to vulnerable people in the different groups they are in to get themselves out of poverty

It was again a day to reward children supported by Compassion International who participated well in their education were they were given cloths like it is always done every end of the year.

Children appreciated the opening up of the playground were many said “they would now be able to go get a swing from this place”.

Gloria Umutoniwase a student in secondary 2, and a basketball player said “she was so happy she had secured a close place to play her game from, appreciating the church for the job well done”.




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