Partners in development of Gatsibo district have resigned the contract of their projects to be achieved in the economic year 2012/2013 during the celebrations at the district offices on the Tuesday the11th.Dec.2012 and vowed to fulfill all their projects and their responsibilities to the district.



This was done in a way of emphasizing the good working relationship between Gatsibo distr5ict and its partners in development.

The function was presided over by the vice mayor for economic development of the district Mr. Isaie Habarurema who informed the partners in development that they are the foundation of the district’s development who aid the district in achieving the performing contracts.

He asked the partners in development to work courageously and achieve the projects they vowed to and therefore help the district in achieving what it vowed to achieve in the presence of the president of the republic.

The main aim of this function was to attain development quickly and to work together in changing people’s social welfare. The partners in development who signed their contracts mostly are those with social projects that develop everyday lives of people and especially the poor and the vulnerable.

Plan Rwanda, Care International, CHF International and other organizations were in attendance of this function. The vice mayor for economic development of the district appreciated the role of these organizations in the development of the district and reminded them to always achieve what they vow and set their goals to.





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