Compassion international, an organisation that takes care of social lives of children has continued to support children in 3 phases, the first is taking care of poor pregnant women until their children get up to 3 years of age.

Joseph Natamba who the in charge of partnership with churches that operates in Huye district said recently; adding that this phase supports those who are still in their mothers’ womb so that they won’t be affected by their parents’ economic conditions.

m_Compassion international supports vulnerable Residents

This phase supports children who are still in their mothers’ womb so that they won’t be affected by their parents’ economic conditions.

The 2nd phase is supporting children between 3 years to 22 years of age through education by providing them with scholastic materials and all things they need to study well while preparing them for a better future.

The 3rd phase is the support given to the youth in the University and this is also in their education encouraging them to become better and responsible leaders who are good fearing that will work for development of their country.

Compassion International does not just support all kinds of students by giving them scholastic materials only but also in moral beliefs and religion, in health by paying their medical services even if it necessitates travelling outside the country, this organisation takes care of everything.

Children beneficiaries of Compassion International are brought together once a week to play, be taught the word of God and even be coached in their academics.

Natamba said that “the important thing in all of this is to make these children into God fearing adults who are hard working and responsible. They are educated and provided with medical services so that they become healthy and strong and not be affected by their parents’ poverty, bringing them together creates in them love, togetherness and belonging.”

Compassion International supports the poor through the churches they belong in or their neighbouring churches. This makes all people in the same area get on to the support not necessarily because of their religion as even Muslims in Ngoma sector are beneficiaries of the Compassion International through the Methodist Church of Ngoma parish in Huye district.





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