Church organization aids vulnerable children

In a bid to improve the welfare of poor children in Rwamagana district, the Pentecostal Church of Rwanda (ADEPR) project-Rw344, donated mattresses to children from vulnerable families in the community.

At least 123 mattresses, donated by Compassion International- a church based project, were handed over to the children who have previously been sleeping on makeshift beddings made out of dry grass.

The project representative, Gregoire Nsabimana, said that the donation of mattresses is aimed at subsidizing on the already existing support which the children receive and at least 225 children will be handed mattresses under the same programme.

The beneficiaries were accompanied by their parents at the handover event. They hailed the project for the support and said that this would transform their lives in the community.

“I used to sleep on a grass mattress, and this affected my education and self esteem in school. Now I can be proud of myself like other children in the community” said 15 year-old Jean Claude Habimana

The beneficiaries also receive support in various aspects ranging from education, health, social welfare and their growth in general, as a way of laying a good foundation for their future.

The project also supports the children in other economic activities aimed at supporting and sustaining their families- such as agriculture, livestock and creating income generating projects for the families. The project has so far aided over 500 children since its establishment in 1997.




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