Director of PASAB

Director of PASAB

Farmers’ cooperatives in Bugesera district have been called upon to work hard and increase agricultural produce.

This was resolved during the meeting to evaluate the activities of cooperatives that are funded by one of Caritas Rwanda projects “PASAB”.

During the evaluation, PASAB (2nd phase) workers highlighted that agricultural cooperatives are working but get low yields. PASAB is the project which supports agriculture in Bugesera District.

Crops grown include cassava, maize, pineapples in addition to bee keeping but productivity is low inspite of the market availability.

14 cooperatives which store the produce and lend money to farmers that promise harvest as warranty in return, revealed that there is no money in the treasury.

Because of this problem, the mayor of Bugesera district, Louis Rwagaju stresses that it deemed necessary to mobilize farmers on how to increase agricultural produce.

“You have to work extra hard as cooperatives and individuals so that agricultural produce is increased.”

Gratien Nyirishema, head of pineapple growing cooperative in Ruhuha sector, highlights that farmers have decided to follow the advice and improve on the agricultural produce.

Some of the cooperative members during the evaluation meeting

Some of the cooperative members during the evaluation meeting

“We are going to add on the hectares as we follow up on the crops grown for the desired output,” she adds.

Felix Byamungu, coordinator of PASAB explains: “After evaluating how cooperatives work during the meeting, measures were taken especially on cooperative management.”

39 cooperatives with 8085 members work with PASAB project. These cooperatives are expected to uplift 48 percent of residents in Bugesera district from under the poverty line in five years to come.






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